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  1. nydj-testimonials-north-streetnydj-testimonials-north-street-facebook-and-admin

    Socially-Powered Testimonials for

    Fans of women’s denim line NYDJ are, well, fanatical. And North Street was called in by the jeans outfitter to capture that excitement by transforming a static HTML testimonials page into a live feed of ecstatic fan praise sourced from Twitter and Facebook.

    Users can now post a testimonial to the site AND to their own social channels by authenticating via either Facebook or Twitter. They can fill out a form and submit their testimonial directly. OR, they can simply hashtag any tweet #NYDJlove to bypass the web form and submit a testimonial directly via their preferred Twitter client.

    As testimonials are submitted, they are sent to a moderation dashboard for approval. While testimonials submitted via Twitter and Facebook appear on a user’s feed immediately, they don’t appear on the site until a moderator allows them to. The dashboard can also be used to activate a promotional graphic, change the Twitter hashtag and export submissions to a spreadsheet.

    But, why stop there? We also built a Facebook app for NYDJ’s fan page using the same exact HTML as the site, save a few CSS and JavaScript tweaks for the Facebook ecosystem.

    Built on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Masonry, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Facebook API, Twitter API.

  2. font-resize-

    jQuery Font Resize Plug-in

    North Street’s Font Resizer is a lightweight jQuery plugin for dynamically changing the font size of any (or all) HTML elements on a page. It is intended for accessibility concerns, but could be used in any situation where you want your text to grow or shrink on command!

    We developed this plugin in response to the lack of heavy-duty font resizing plugins currently available.  Too often a resizing plugin will miss elements on the page, or corrupt the original layout.  Version 1 is available for download at GitHub.  We’re looking forward to seeing how this initial rollout behaves in the field, so if you have any comments or issues please let us know!