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Notes: Social

  • Fun Social Mappy Thing

Sony Instagram + Twitter Heat Map Visualization

For the San Diego, CA, headquarters of Sony Electronics, North Street was commissioned to conceptualize, design and develop this projected installation that highlights Sony-related Instagrams, Tweets, news content and…

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  • Putt Putt

GolfDigest + TopGolf Social Media Wall

North Street is thrilled to be partnering with GolfDigest magazine to bring our Socialpulp Instagram and Twitter wall to TopGolf locations throughout the country. Displayed on big screen TVs throughout…

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  • Fun Social Mappy Thing

Real-Time Twitter Map Dashboard

North Street’s latest adventure in social media design and development is this real-time Twitter dashboard we recently built for a client. Designed for display on a 1080p big…

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  • We're kind of a big deal

Socialpulp Instagram Wall in Times Square

North Street recently teamed with Glamour Magazine and Sephora to bring our real-time Instagram wall, Socialpulp, to Times Square for the launch of Sephora’s Color IQ color-matching…

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  • Insta

Mobile Media Lab

UPDATE: We redesigned this puppy (1/10/13)

A quick one-pager for our friends and oft time collaborators Brian DiFeo, Liz Eswein and Anthony Danielle at mobile social photo…

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