12 Facts about North Street

By Alex Schwall, Marketing Manager

To celebrate North Street’s 12th anniversary, we’re doing a dozen blog posts all around the number 12!

June 2023 officially marks North’s Street’s 12 anniversary of incorporation. To mark the occasion, we thought we would share a dozen fun facts about us:

  1. We currently have team members in 4 countries and 9 U.S. states
  2. North Street founder Tom Conlon is color blind
  3. Rapper Nelly was once a client
  4. Our first client from 2010 is still a client today
  5. We started in a coworking space before WeWork existed
  6. In 2014, our office sublet was in a former printer closet
  7. The first logo we designed was for a matchmaking service
  8. We built one of the first third-party apps to use the Instagram API
  9. Creative Director Sean Tice is a patent holder
  10. It’s a complete coincidence that North Street’s NYC office is in the South Street Seaport
  11. We once designed, brewed, and launched our own brand of small-batch microbrews – The South Street Brewing Co.
  12. We first used a bowler hat image as a temporary logo but fell in love with it!

Our success is based on the relationships we have built over the years. We are so grateful for the opportunity to know and work with all of our clients and partners. 

Here’s to another 4,380 days of fun (give or take a few for leap years)!


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