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Team Spotlight: Company Playlists

By Alex Schwall, Marketing Manager

Music is a powerful tool; it can set a mood, bring people together, and even boost productivity. Collaborating on curated playlists allows the North Street team to share our favorite music with each other and gives us something new to listen to while we are tackling the latest project. 

From the second the first leaf drops, we are ready to cover the office in skulls and crank up our favorite spooky tunes. Just don’t try and bring any pumpkin beer (shudder) near our Creative Director, Sean. Read on for a list of everyone’s favorite Halloween songs and why; plus, we’ve compiled them all into a monster playlist you’ll want to listen to all October long. 

Alex, Communications

My Pick: Sweet Transvestite, Tim Curry.

Why: For me, Halloween is all about movies – from Casper, Practical Magic, The Craft, Cabin in the Woods, the list goes on. But, the Halloween season does not officially start until a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tim Curry’s performance as Frank-N-Furter is iconic, from the second we see his heel start tapping.

Honorable Mention: Season of the Witch, Donovan. Also, I just saw Heathers: The Musical in London, so I’ve had Dead Girl Walking stuck in my head for days.

Andrew, Communications

My Pick: Thriller, Michael Jackson.

Fave Halloween Read: Not a book but a poem – The Raven by Poe. NEVERMORE.

Casey, Production

My Pick: The Monster Hop, Bert Convy.

Why: What could be better than the visuals this song provokes (besides maybe those horns)?

Favorite Halloween Film: Beetlejuice!

Ivan, People & Culture

My Pick: Lobo-hombre en París, La Unión. 

Why: As usual with any discussion about music, it’s really hard for me to pick one favorite song about anything, but for Halloween, this song is always one of the first ones to make it on my spooky playlists. It has everything I need in a Halloween song: a piano intro that grabs your attention right away, a thumping bass line, Werewolves, some melodic howling (hi Shakira!), and some smooth 80’s sax all packaged up in that New Wave sound that I love.

Honorable Mentions: Noche triler, La Mecánica Popular or Be Prepared from The Lion King Soundtrack.

Favorite Halloween Film: The kid in me has to say Addams Family Values – one of my favorite sequels of all time.

John, Development

My Pick: Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr.

Why: Going to quote the song here: “bustin’ makes me feel good.”

Favorite Halloween Film: Ghostbusters.

Lauren, Design

My Pick: Superstition, Stevie Wonder.

Why: It’s a Halloween song that isn’t “in your face,” but there are references. And it’s perfect for Halloween dance parties.

Favorite Halloween Film: Hocus Pocus! An absolute classic.

London, Communications

My Pick: Monster Mash, Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers.

Why: It’s so mysterious. What does the actual Monster Mash sound like?! Why haven’t we heard it?! Who sang it?! Will we ever know?! I need answers!!

Favorite Halloween Film: Any of the classic thrillers. My husband and I watched all of the Freddie, Michael, and Jason films in order last year, and it was so much fun!

Matt, Design

My Pick: Suspiria, Goblin.

Why: The 1977 cult classic, Suspiria, has an amazing soundtrack, and it doesn’t get any creepier than Goblin’s title track. From the eerie melody of the bells to the pounding drums, there’s a certain pagan quality to it that makes for a perfect Halloween-time listen. If you also haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend turning down the lights and settling in for a supremely weird time.

Honorable Mention: Suspirium, Thom Yorke.

Rhona, Admin

My Pick: Somebody’s Watching Me, Rockwell.

Why: Now that I am home alone most of the time, I can totally relate to this song!

Favorite Halloween Film: Casper, starring Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa.

Sean, Design

My Pick: Halloween Theme, John Carpenter.

Why: The song is synonymous with the best holiday of the year. Plus, John Carpenter is incredibly talented — he directed the first Halloween and wrote the theme song.

Favorite Halloween Film: The Shining, hands down.

Best Book to Read in October: The teenager in me would recommend Halloween Night by R.L. Stine.

Tom, Communications

My Pick: Halloween, Misfits.

Favorite Halloween Film: The Excorcist.

You can access our full Monster Mash-Up here:

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