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Retro Video Games. 130-inch Screen.
No big deal.

Weekly production meetings at North Street leverage the combined awesomeness of Trello and a projector. It works well for us, but it’s also meant keeping one of the wall’s in our main bullpen completely blank. SAD!

When the blank wall fulfilled its destiny of hosting the office dart board, it became clear that we needed a retractable screen we could mount and pull down over the dart board. Once installed, we naturally pressed the projector into service as the world’s most epic retro arcade machine.

Here’s how we did it.



Projector screen / wayfair.com

Projector hooks / amazon.com

Raspberry Pi / amazon.com

RetroPie / retropie.org.uk

Hollow drywall anchors / amazon.com

Wicked long HDMI cable / amazon.com

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