Slacking Off – Spring 2021 Edition

By Dahlia Lilleslatten, Communications

Editor’s note: We’re back with another Slack culture post! This Spring, we welcomed a new developer to the North Street team (hi, Alex!) and celebrated the return to a “new normal” as our team ‘vaxxed’ up and met in person for the first time in an entire year. In a nod to the warm summer months approaching, our Slack avatars are inspired by our favorite ice cream truck flavors.

Wed., March 24th

Dahlia, 10:07 AM
Thought I would share … When JB said “Autz” in our morning meeting it triggered my Alexa to play really upbeat elevator music. Never been more confused in my life 😂

JB, 10:14 AM

Fri., March 26th

Sarah, 5:04 PM
Still not an official “after” shot, but getting closer!

Ivan, 5:06 PM
nice! looking good!

Greggo, 5:07 PM
Very impressive!

THURS., April 1ST

Tom, 1:08 PM
Dope branding and website….get it?

Fri., April 9th

Sarah, 11:34 AM
BTW, I was looking through Awwwards yesterday for site inspo, and look what I found!

Tom, 11:35 AM

MON., April 12th

Sean, 12:02 PM
North Street’s debut on Netflix (This is a Robbery is out now, check it out!)

Dahlia, 3:50 PM

Wed., April 21st

Tom, 9:16 AM
Whoohooo! It’s been an amazing ride.

Sean, 10:05 AM

FRI., April 23RD

Sean, 4:12 PM
@LaurenAdams you’ve gone viral

TUE., MAY 4th

Sean, 11:06 AM
Designer Combines Papyrus and Comic Sans, The End Is Near.

Comic Sans and Papyrus, two font names that are like nails on a chalkboard to designers. The only thing that could potentially top seeing these two choices in your font folder would be if for some ungodly reason, some evil mastermind combined the two. Well, this dream has just become a reality thanks to Ben Harman…

WED., MAY 12th

Lauren, 12:02 PM


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Tom, 10:14 AM
May this song remain stuck in your head as it is in mine.

TUE., MAY 25th

JB, 10:14 AM
First strawberry harvest of the year. Lots more to come!


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Fri., May 28th

Dahlia, 8:10 AM
Little sister graduated today!

WED., JUNE 2nd

Sean, 4:08 PM
iStock nails it again. “Businessman working on annual report”

Dahlia, 4:10 PM
“Pensive man runs over financials while festive wife decorates tree in silence.”

Tom, 4:12 PM
“Man just realized it’s Christmas tomorrow and he didn’t buy his wife a gift”

Fri., June 11th

Ivan, 5:32 PM
New Spotify playlist is up! Pls share your summer jams!

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