Slacking Off – Winter 2021 Edition

Like many organizations thrown into distributed collaboration last year, we’ve relied on Slack as a proxy for company culture. Here are some shenanigans from Winter 2021.

By Dahlia Lilleslatten, Communications

Editor’s note: Every month, we theme our choice of Slack avatars. To celebrate the shortest month of the year, we went with baby pics. Warning: cuteness overload ahead!

Tues., February 2nd

Tom, 7:57 AM
Just heard on the radio that Walmart poached Starbucks COO Roz Brewer to be their CEO. Yes, the former COO of Starbucks is Roz BREWER.

Sean, 7:58 AM
Reminds me of meteorologist Amy Freeze and sportscaster Ryan Field from WABC.

Dave, 8:01 AM
In that same vein, Nintendo of America’s president is Doug Bowser 🍄

Tom, 8:02 AM
I had a doctor named Dr. Doctor once and a philosophy teacher named Mr. Boring.

Sun., February 7th

Tom, 8:09 PM
Some New England snow videos from today for y’all (sledding expedition)

Mon., February 8th

JB, 4:34 PM
My trip to the beach 3 weeks ago


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Thurs., February 11th

Tom, 10:05 AM

Sarah, 11:19 AM
On the topic of the “salt guy” my little brother drew this and gave it to my husband for Christmas

Tom, 11:20 AM

Mon., February 15th

Dahlia, 11:20 AM
We’ve all been there:

Greggo, 11:20 AM

Wed., February 17th

Tom, 11:20 AM
Our client Old Salt is official:
US – Two former senior staff at the US branch of UK strategic marketing firm Incite have launched insights consultancy Old Salt.

Ivan, 11:20 AM

Wed., February 19th

Ivan, 9:24 PM
I Just Can’t Wait for Vaccines (I Just Can’t Wait to Be King Parody)

Thurs., February 20th

Lauren, 9:24 PM
Sharing this because it made me feel warm inside:

@catherinesantinotrying out a new way to share my writing. this one is a response to those who say New York is “dead”. 🤍 #nyc #covid #writer #writing #nonfiction♬ original sound – ourfriendsonfacebook

Tues., February 23rd

Dave, 9:24 PM
Painting the living room today. Time to make Tom Silva proud

Thurs., February 25rd

Sean, 9:24 PM
Ready for happy hour when you guys are

Sun., February 28th

Tom, 3:31 PM
Came across this in my internet travels today. Should we?

Sean, 9:24 PM
Yes, then resell it to Guy Fieri

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