Team Spotlight: Alex Linek, Senior Developer

By Dahlia Lilleslatten, Communications

North Street is thrilled to welcome lead developer Alex Linek to our team! A savvy developer with a bubbly personality and an exceptional taste in classic rock, Alex works remotely from her apartment in Boston but was recently able to visit our New York City headquarters! We love having her on the team and hope you will enjoy getting to know her better through this interview.

What were you doing before North Street?

Prior to joining North Street, I was a senior developer at Atomicdust in St. Louis. I moved to Boston in 2019 and have been working remotely ever since. Overall, I’ve been building websites in various environments — agencies, startups, freelance, etc. — for about ten years.

What have you liked about working with NS so far?

I like the importance of culture and communication here. It’s tricky to foster a solid company culture with remote teams, and I think NS has done a great job. Having clear company values that align with my own is really vital. Plus, the team is awesome! Everyone is friendly, smart, and hard-working. Even when things are busy, they’ll gladly help out and answer questions or share their thoughts. I feel lucky to be part of it!

What projects have you been the most excited to work on since you joined NS?

My first full site build is underway right now so that’s exciting! I’m also pumped to work off of dynamic prototypes for animations and interactions moving forward.

What do you bring to the company?

I bring a love for building engaging, interactive experiences on the web. I hope to bring a positive attitude and solutions-oriented mindset as well!

What’s a fun fact about you?

I started learning computer science just to fill credit hours. I majored in fine art and initially dreamed of becoming a character designer or comic book artist (related fun fact: I’m a big indie comics nerd). Long story short, I ended up really enjoying coding and the ever-evolving, instantly-editable nature of the web as a medium.

Bonus round: how do you start your morning?

My mornings start off with Alexa turning on the lights and telling me the weather. I am not a morning person, so I’ll groggily scroll through a couple email newsletters (NYT Morning Briefing and TLDR, usually) before finally rolling out of bed. After getting ready, I make a latte and some breakfast. I’ll often do the NYT crossword or spelling bee game while I eat. Then I sit down at my desk, look over my to-dos, and try to tackle a few tasks before hopping into our morning meeting!

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