Team Spotlight: Casey Antonucci, Senior Project Manager

By Dahlia Lilleslatten, Communications

A warm welcome to Casey, our newest addition to the Project Management team! Casey brings her vivacious personality, deep industry expertise, and positive energy to North Street. We are beyond thrilled to welcome her aboard, and hope you enjoy reading her interview.

What were you doing before North Street?

I’ve been working as a PM in the creative world for almost 20 years now (whoa that’s scary!), managing creative studios at large and small organizations…and all of the projects that come along with them. I have a strong background in print production, and have most recently been working in consumer packaged goods for food and beverage…with a heavy focus on FDA regulatory compliance. This is just a little different, and I’m very excited.

What have you liked about working at NS so far?

Honestly I like so much about the culture, the team, the projects at NS that I’m not exactly sure where to begin! What I can say is that I really appreciate how much each and every person on this team cares for and respects each other (and they bring that care and respect to their clients as well). They’re constantly available to offer help when needed, are patient and will not hesitate to give shout-outs to the entire team about the effort of one. It’s an incredibly collaborative environment and I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be a part of it.

What projects are you the most excited to work on since you joined the NS team?

I suppose that more than anything I’m just very excited to immerse myself in something brand new for me and to soak as much in as I possibly can! While I have an extensive background in print…the digital world is not something that I have been as involved in. The web is a big crazy place, and I’m loving watching how all of the pieces come together. It’s the same but oh so very different.

What do you bring to the company?

I like to build things from the ground up and make them work, plain and simple. From furniture to mechanics and everything in between. That step by step, organized and thorough nature that my mind naturally works in…I believe that also contributes to my success as a project manager. I can usually figure out SOME way to make things come together, even if it seems impossible!

What’s a fun fact about you?

I actually started out as a programming major in college! Through a series of twists, turns, and connections, I slowly worked my way into the completely opposite world of design. Now here I am after years of creative PM experience, with the two coming together pretty nicely.

Bonus round: how do you start your mornings?

How I start my mornings NOW is very different than how I used to, but I’ve learned that having a morning routine really helps to keep my whole day on track! I STILL start by hitting snooze at least twice (haha), but once I’m finally standing I love to get things moving right away. I make my bed first thing, stretch and then on ideal mornings when time and weather allow, I throw on my sneakers and walk down to the beach. I usually do a quick meditation by the ocean before I head back home to get ready for the day. Once I’m all dressed and set, cup of coffee in hand, I’m ready to get at it!

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