Team Spotlight: Diego Echeverria, Developer

By Alex Schwall, Marketing Manager

Meet the newest Development team member, Diego Echeverria. A savvy developer and systems engineer with an enthusiastic personality, Diego works remotely from Ecuador.

Read on to learn more about Diego and his first months at North Street Creative.

What were you doing before North Street?

I have always liked the world of technology. I started working with companies that were dedicated to software development when I was still a student. Both the challenges and my desire to learn grew over time. As I gained experience, I was able to define my front-end approach to web development. While focusing on improving my technical and professional skills, I learned new technologies and programming languages.

What do you bring to the company?

As part of the web development team, I hope to be additional support – to share my experience and grow with the team to continue creating projects from another world.

Which NS core value do you most identify with and why? 

“Curiosity” is definitely the term that fits me. Ever since I was a kid, I have been curious and creative. I like to understand and know how things work so I can improve them – or look for an entirely better way to do them.

What have you liked about working at NS so far?

Despite being the team’s newest member, I felt like I was a part of North Street from day one. The whole team is very friendly and gave me such a warm welcome. Plus, they maintain such a professional and creative work environment! Each team member has their own professional superpower, making North Street a fantastic workplace.

When you are at work, how do you motivate yourself?

Well, I usually prefer to give myself a break and go for a short 5 to 10-minute walk or just change activities for a moment. Many times petting my cats or playing with them for a moment is a self-motivation refresher to keep me going.

Bonus round: What’s a fun fact about you?

Starting my day early with a sporting activity helps me stay energized and focused on my tasks for the rest of the day. Every morning I like to recharge my energy with a walk in the park, go for a run at the lake or go for a ride on my bike. These activities help keep my mind active and fresh to start my day with positive energy. I am a recreational runner now, but I hope to complete a marathon one day.

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