Free + Fair Litigation Group

Aiding a legal advocacy group in their fight to protect democracy.

Free + Fair Litigation Group is a newly-formed nonprofit law firm fighting authoritarianism in America.

North Street was engaged to position Free + Fair Litigation Group (FFLG) as a leading player in the fight to protect our democracy, rights, and safety. The visual identity needed to reflect the gravity of their mission while also exciting potential donors and maintaining an air of professionalism. This necessitated a departure from the cliche and expected patriotic colors, imagery, and themes commonly associated with similar litigation groups. The resulting visual identity is simultaneously stark and sophisticated, relying strictly on typography, color, and layout to communicate the urgency of the organization's purpose.

Our role

  • Logo + Visual Identity
  • Website Design
  • Collateral Design
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Onward and upward

The logo leverages the plus sign (+) symbol as an anchor that balances “FREE” with “FAIR,” evoking the scales of justice and underscoring the firm’s mission to restore a balanced democracy. The plus symbol can also stand on its own as a logomark. The subtle directional notch at the center of the logomark injects a sense of optimism and progress by suggesting onward and upward movement.

Awards + Recognition

MUSE Creative Awards: Silver, Corporate Identity – Brand Identity

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