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MDS Software

MDS Software is New York City’s leading property management software company. North Street led a brand refresh and redesign of the organization’s marketing collateral and website.

Busy City Street

The Challenge

Founded in 1982, Multidata Services (or MDS) has built a reputation for tailoring software to the needs of NYC property managers. Over the years they have produced various sales materials, many of which are now visually incongruous and antiquated.

We set out to modernize the look and feel of MDS without confusing existing customers with a completely new identity. We started by dusting off the logo, introducing new typography, bolder colors, and a modernized lockup of their existing logo mark.

MDS in progress logo work MDS focused logo
MDS Logo Animation 2

Marketing Collateral

Property management software is a crowded and competitive space, and the MDS sales team required compelling marketing materials to cut through the clutter. We conceived of a new sales kit that incorporated photos of New York City and testimonials from the company’s customers.

MDS whole portfolio
MDS business card
MDS Cover page
MDS explorer and about us page


We redesigned the MDS site to complement the new sales materials. An in depth SEO and traffic analysis of their existing site helped us prioritize a wealth of content and focus on specific conversion goals.

As part of the company’s inbound marketing strategy, we also designed new landing pages and email automation templates.

MDS home page
MDS Icons
MDS landing page screenshot
MDS invitation


“The team at North Street is exceptional. They are able to take the kernel of an idea and effectively and efficiently collaborate with me to turn it into something that’s not only beautiful, but that also works to drive business in the real world. These guys have become an extension of my team.”

Adam Friedberg, Vice President
MDS Software