Providence Warwick Convention + Visitors Bureau

Bringing visitors back to a thriving and diverse downtown district.

The Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau (PWCVB) sought to drive business and leisure visits to downtown Providence.

Downtown Providence is home to leading universities and cultural institutions, a state capital, a thriving restaurant and entertainment scene, and a mix of residents and businesses in a walkable, historic footprint. Informed by in-depth neighborhood immersion, stakeholder interviews, and a quantitative field survey, North Street developed a targeted campaign strategy, visual identity system, and messaging framework to attract visitors to the area. Elements were extended to a comprehensive suite of campaign assets including digital ads, radio spots and out of home signage.

Our role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Logo + Visual Identity
  • Microsite Design
  • Collateral Design

A uniquely Providence approach

Visitor activity had flattened over previous years due to pandemic restrictions, COVID-19 anxieties, and misperceptions around crime. Providence leadership was keen to recapture the narrative around one of the nation’s most unique downtowns and spark a deeper appreciation of this vibrant city. 

From its founding nearly four centuries ago, Providence has embodied a distinctly welcoming, creative, and accessible vibe. The “Downtown is Your Town” campaign sought to showcase this energy in a similarly welcoming and inclusive fashion. Self-portraits of business owners, operators, characters, and other diverse downtown denizens highlight their unique experiences as a prelude to inviting audiences to participate in “their” downtown. Because downtown Providence belongs to everyone.

Reaching audiences across the region

This direct yet flexible messaging theme was applied across digital media properties and outdoor signage with rich color, intimate photography, and smartly branded tactics. Drawing on a rich cast of local characters that showcase the energy and enthusiasm of downtown Providence, campaign media can be efficiently refreshed and extended by the PWCVB team on an ongoing basis. 

Storytelling made its way to radio, where “Downtown is Your Town” themed scripts allowed the PWCVB team to feature personal, inviting advertisements without extensive production time or expense.

Downtown is Your Town Radio Spot

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