Grafine Partners

Creating a sophisticated online presence for a women-led investment firm.

Formed in 2019 by Elizabeth Weymouth, Grafine Partners is dedicated to building best-in-class investment businesses.

The organization's existing branding and website fell short of their sophisticated approach to investing and the best-in-class dealmakers and capital partners they work with. North Street was engaged to evolve and elevate the organization's brand with the introduction of a new logomark, refined color palette and typography, and unconventional yet accessible website.

Our role

  • Logo Refinement
  • Visual Identity Refinement
  • Website Design + Development
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The Grafine name was inspired by graphene, a single layer of hexagon-shaped carbon atoms that are tightly bound in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice. It is both the strongest material known to humankind and remarkably transparent.

Inspired by themes of strength, transparency, and the notion that Grafine Partners has a unique chemistry of innovative people and strategies, the new website explores the various ways in which the hexagon can be visualized. From buttons to abstract animations, the hexagon is executed in both literal and more evocative representations throughout the site.

Custom hexagon-inspired icons were designed in lieu of more traditional iconography often associated with investment firms. The icon set was developed to represent a range of ideas and concepts, and is flexible enough to introduce new icons in the future.

Hexagons became the basis for a number of animations, from diagrams to more atmospheric imagery. Peppered across the site, the animations evoke a sense of innovation, sophistication, and a certain level of intrigue.

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