US Assure

Revamping an esteemed builders risk insurance firm.

US Assure has over 45 years of experience providing efficient and convenient access to builders risk insurance.

US Assure has evolved over the past four decades to become one of the nation's leading distributors and underwriters of builders risk insurance. Recognizing they were at an inflection point, US Assure engaged North Street to upgrade, streamline, and energize its website, core messaging, and visual identity.

Our role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design + Development
  • Collateral Design
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Identifying user journeys

The US Assure site is an essential resource to business audiences at independent insurance agencies with different expectations and needs. Through interviews, research, and building off US Assure’s internal resources, we constructed profiles that helped us understand each user’s priorities and perspective. In turn, these profiles helped organize clear, sensible paths as well as more intuitive labeling of content that made for a smoother, more productive, and engaging site experience.

Building brand essentials

US Assure had evolved since the company’s previous brand design and positioning. While their core fundamentals remained the same, the company’s more exclusive focus on builders risk and ancillary property products prompted us to tighten key messages, attributes, and internal and external understanding of the US Assure brand. The expertise and confidence that the company brings to its relationships each day were more accurately reflected in its new verbal and visual identity.

Bringing the brand to life

It was imperative to evolve and expand upon the existing visual identity rather than overhaul the brand altogether. The color palette was simplified and refined to ensure optimal color contrast across all marketing materials. Stylistic embellishments were also introduced to energize headings and photography.

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